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Exit Strategy 


At some point you will look to either reduce your involvement with your business or to sell it.  


Maximizing the value of your business requires a long term plan. To build an effective strategy, in most cases, will take several years.  


As a starting point, you would need to ask yourself the following questions:  



·        How do I value my business?  

·        How reliant is my business on me?  

·        When would I like to sell?  

·        Will I want to retire completely or just work less hours?  

·        What retirement provision do I have in place?  

·        How much will I want/need to live on following the sale of my business?  

·        What succession plans do I have in place for the key positions in my business?  


Some of these questions will be easy to answer, others - particularly the first one - may be more difficult.  


The answers you have for some questions may raise some concerns, however they will form the starting point for an exit strategy.   


A business is only worth want a prospective purchaser is willing to pay but an effective exit strategy can create a more attractive proposition to both vendor and purchaser.  


Having been involved in many business sales and purchases, I am well placed to assist you in your plans. Please contact me for an initial consultation if you would like to plan your exit strategy.