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Rent Vs Buy  


Have you ever thought “I wish I had my own premises but…”:  


·        How much will I need to put down?  

·        How do costs compare between fixed and variable finance?  

·        Which legal entity is the best vehicle to use to make the purchase?  

·        What security will I need to give?  

·        Aside from interest, what other costs will I incur?   

·        What professional support will I need?  


Many business owners see the cost of renting as “dead money”. In reality buying a trading premises is not in everyone’s best interests.  


If it is, where will you find the best deal.  


The High Street Banks generally prefer this type of lending and view it as lower risk. However, many new players in the market are equally keen to support finance deals of this nature. Lenders are constantly looking for innovative packages to steal a march on their competitors.  


I can help you evaluate whether buying a trading premises is right for you. If it is, I can help you create the proposal, find the right package and the right lender.