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Periodic Strategy Meetings / Non Executive Board Work 


For single ownership or family businesses, finding the time to think strategically about your business can be challenging. “I set time aside but something always gets in the way” is a comment I often hear.   


I meet clients at regular intervals (generally monthly/bi-monthly or quarterly) to:  


·        Assess Business performance  

·        Look at key priorities  

·        Set goals   

·        Review the results  

·        See if there have been barriers to implementation and - if so – how these can be removed.  


The discipline of having these meetings and the structured approach they take have proved hugely beneficial as these comments show.  


“I know when next meeting is due and this focuses my mind on doing what I said I would do”.  


“Thanks for the practical help and the healthy challenge”.  


“These meetings give me the discipline I have needed”.  


“I know what I need to do but now I am making the time to doing it”.  



SME Companies also value input from experienced business professionals not involved in the day to day running of the business either:  


·        As a one-off to help restructure Board meetings/agenda’s to maximise the impact meetings have on the Company.  

·        Or as an additional board member to offer a different perspective.  



Could your business benefit from this expertise? If so please get in touch.